One monkey captured in Sec 62, Noida. But is it the aggressive one?

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Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Mar 19, 2018

Noida Sector 62 residents can now breathe a sigh of relief. Private monkey catchers called in from Mathura have been able to capture one among the group of monkeys that had been attacking residents and children in the neighbourhood for the past two weeks. It was caught from the Designers Park situated within the sector.

Last Tuesday there had been a particularly dangerous monkey attack on a 4-year-old boy in Prangan Apartments. In the last two weeks alone, about 20 people, including 15 children, had been bitten.

According to sources, the AOA of the society paid Rs 18,000 to the private monkey catchers.

Sunita Chakraborty, a resident of Designers Park, told City Spidey that a few residents and members of the AOA met the district magistrate BN Singh on Saturday about the issue.

When the magistrate called the District Forest Officer (DFO) regarding the same matter, the officer rued that he had no resources for curtailing the menace.

Chakraborty also said that the DFO suggested that the residents approach private monkey catchers, even providing them with some contact numbers. The residents then contacted the monkey catchers themselves. 


The monkey that has been captured


“The monkey captured is not the one aggressive one, however,” Chakraborty said.

CP Singh, president of the AOA, said, “The monkey catchers have managed to catch one, but they will continue this drive till the sector is free of monkeys.” Singh clarified that the DFO had given them the permission to go ahead and catch the primates.

Mohammed Arif, a member of the monkey-catching agency, said that a health check-up would first be performed on the monkeys after they were caught and then they would be released into the forests near Haibatpur village in Bisrakh Block.

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