MCG drives out encroachers from Sector 57
MCG drives out encroachers from Sector 57
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MCG drives out encroachers from Sector 57
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MCG drives out encroachers from Sector 57

Using the assistance of Geographical Information System (GIS) for identifying encroachments in areas falling under its jurisdiction, MCG carried out an anti-encroachment drive in sector 57 this week.

The MCG recently took over the maintenance of Sector 57.

During the drive, officials removed street vendors, cleared stalls and tyre repair shops from the roads and pavements to make space for pedestrians and motorists.  Junior engineer Ashish Sherawat oversaw the operation.

Violators, officials added, were let off with a warning and their names have been added to the MCG records. In the eventuality of a repeat offence, they will face legal action.

“There are target teams for operating in specific zones. The teams have been directed to seize items and demolish structures of the encroachers,” said MCG public relations officer SS Rohilla.

Residents can also register complaints about encroachments on the MCG’s helpline 1800-180-1817.

The MCG has been taking the drive against encroachment very seriously.

On March 15, soon after the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) had issued a no-objection certificate (NOC) to HUDA to purchase seven acres in Sector 71 to complete the construction of a 1.5km road that falls in Sectors 70-71, the enforcement team of the MCG carried out a demolition drive and reclaimed government land in Begumpur village.

In the presence of heavy police cover, MCG officials had also carried out a demolition drive on Monday within the 300-metre radius of the restricted area of the Air Force ammunition depot.