Noida MLA Pankaj Singh inaugurates open-air gym
Photo: Samrat Roy
Noida MLA Pankaj Singh inaugurates open-air gym in city

Posted: May 03, 2018     By Avishek Dubey

There is some great news for fitness enthusiasts in Noida. They will now be able to work out in lush green surroundings with fresh air. 

Noida Authority launched an open-air gym in a central park of Sector 56 on Thursday. Further, Noida MLA Pankaj Singh inaugrated the gym apart from performing some work out.

Omvir Singh, director of horticulture, Noida Authority, told City Spidey that some more open-air gyms will also be set up in other sectors. He further added that the authority has received letters from several RWAs regarding construction of gyms.

Seventeen machines have been installed in the gym and the equipment includes air walkers, sit-up benches, air swings, stair steppers, leg presses, pull-up chairs, exercise bars, chest presses, bench presses, cross-walkers, twisters and rowing machines.

These machines are weather-proof and clamped onto concrete slabs across rubberised tiles.

“The RWA of the sector will be responsible for the gym's maintenance. Instructions regarding usage of the equipment will be found on the machines in both English and Hindi,” Singh explained.

Residents have welcomed the initiative.

Saket Sharma, a resident of sector 56, said that this is a great initiative and it feels fantastic to have a gym in the society’s park. “Earlier, I used to travel to a gym located outside the society,” Sharma said.

Earlier, Noida Authority had built open-air gyms in sectors 50, 108, 36, 33, 34, 35, 39 and 52. It is now planning to launch 17 more such gyms across the city.

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