Bomb scare in Ghaziabad school
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Bomb scare in Ghaziabad school

An early-morning anonymous call had the staff at Ch.Chhabil Dass Public School running to evacuate the premises. Thankfully, it turned out to be a hoax.

Bomb scare in Ghaziabad school Children gathered at the school playground

A bomb scare at Ch.Chhabil Dass Public School in Patel Nagar II, Ghaziabad, had the staff in a state of panic on Tuesday morning.

At 8.45 am, the peon is said to have received an anonymous call on the school landline about a bomb planted on the premises.

The principal, A Sungtawalli, told City Spidey, “My priority was sending students home and evacuating the school.” 

All students were asked to gather at the playground and parents contacted to immediately pick up their children.

SP Salman Taj and Additional District Magistrate Priti Jayaswal reached the spot soon after the principal informed them of the situation. 

Bomb-disposal squads carried out an intense search on the school premises, but didn’t find any bomb. The SP said it was probably a hoax call. 



                                             A sniffer dog and its handler in one of the classrooms