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GDA plans link road between Hindon barrage and Kanawani to ease traffic in area

Posted: May 12, 2018     By Mukhram Singh

The elevated road from UP gate to Rajnagar Extension was made with an objective to ease the traffic load in the area but it had no effect on the highly congested trans-Hindon area. As there are no ramps near trans-Hindon area on elevated, people are forced to take the barrage road.

Apart from one ramp near Kanawani village, there are no cuts on 10-km stretch on the elevated road. To address people’s woes, the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) has now decided to construct 2-km road from Kanawani bridge to the barrage alongside Hindon river. This road will ease the traffic congestion significantly.

The GDA has given responsibility to construct this road to irrigation department. The irrigation department has demanded Rs 7,60,00,000 budget from the GDA.

Some of the areas below the elevated road already have roads. But, at present, there is no road from Kanawani bridge to the barrage. The irrigation department has submitted project report to the GDA. Now, after reviewing the project report, the GDA will release fund to irrigation department.

The road will be 7.5 meters wide with two-lanes on it. A divider will also be constructed on the road. The irrigation department will also make water drainage on the road. There will be footpaths as well.

Secretary GDA, Santosh Kumar Roy said, “The decision to construct road on Kanawani barrage was taken in order to improve the traffic situation and congestion. A budget was demanded from irrigation department. The irrigation department has already submitted the budget which has been reviewed at present.”

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