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Photo: Samrat Roy
Noida Traffic police gets 50 marshals, set to receive 250 more soon

Posted: May 17, 2018     By Avishek Dubey

Noida Authority has provided fifty marshals to the traffic Police to tackle congestion in the city.

The traffic police have time and again complained that they face an acute shortage of manpower. On May 20, Anil Kumar Jha, SP Traffic of Gautam Budh Nagar, had sought 300 marshals from the authority to set the traffic scene right.

Earlier, for a population of more than ten lakh, Noida only had 70 traffic marshals!

An official of Noida Authority said that the traffic police will be provided 50 more marshals by Friday. He further added that the authority will fulfill the police’s demand of 300 marshals by the next week.

The traffic department in the city is highly understaffed with only 164 personnel to enforce rules and regulations. This includes four inspectors, three sub-inspectors, 43 head constables and 114 constables.

According to officials, there are 112 junctions in the city which require traffic police deployment.

Further, the junctions at Sector 12/22 chowraha, Gaur Chakkar, Atta Market, Sector 37 chowraha, Model Town near Sector 62, Sector 10/12 stadium chowraha and several others bear the brunt of this manpower shortage.

Right now, the traffic police are able to handle only 40 spots in the city with the manpower they have. However, they are hopeful, that once the authority provides them the required number of marshals, they will be able to handle the traffic congestion in a far better manner.

“The new marshals who recently joined us have been deployed on the Udyog Marg from Sector-15 to Sector 37, as it is a congestion-prone area,” said Layak Singh, traffic inspector, Noida.

“We are going to face more congestion in the upcoming months. We are trying to deploy more people on roads and intersections where we expect the congestion to worsen in the coming months. Such congestion occurs as people take time to get used to new routes and plans,” Singh further added.


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