Is Dream Apartments really the greenest residential society in Dwarka?

The first thing that strikes a visitor is the clean ambiance of the society.
By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: May 06, 2016

Dream Apartments of Sector 22 is set to be greenest and cleanest residential society in Dwarka. Well, that's what its residents are fiercely working towards.

Speaking about the steps being taken to achieve the goal, secretary of the society, TC Batra, said all the green areas in the society are being maintained properly with signboards installed in every nook and corner. The message is clear: Keep the society clean and green.

The society boasts of a huge green area of 3,151.341 sqm, perhaps largest in Dwarka, adorned with trees like Ashoka, jamun (blackberry), mango, lemon, jackfruit, guava, kari patta (curry leaves) to name a few. Seasonal flowers bloom in the parks all year long.

“Every year, during rainy season, we carry out a plantation drive. This time around, we have a target to plant 500 trees. We are in talks with concerned authorities to procure saplings. Also, we will buy plants of our choice from the market,” said Batra.


The first thing that strikes a visitor to the society is its neat and clean surroundings. This is so because dustbins are placed all over the premises with a ‘use me’ notice inscribed on them. 

Acknowledging the cooperation of the residents in the upkeep of the premises, President of the society, Anil Rai, said, “You cannot see even a piece of paper lying on the floor unattended. The notices on sanitation we displayed all over to create awareness among the residents have paid off.”

Not only this, the management of the society has planted trees along the road outside the society.

“We are maintaining the surrounding areas with an aim to give clean and green ambience to the entire area. The gardener of the society looks after the area outside the society as well. We have also been carrying out a campaign for ‘Clean Lane, Green Lane’ for the service road alongide our society,” added Rai.


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