Photo: Samrat Roy
Noida Authority to run a sludge-removal pilot at Sector 29 nallah

Posted: Jun 30, 2018     By City Spidey

In an effort to clean up the waste water at Sector 29 nallah [drain], a US-based company, Bio-cleaner, has been roped in by Noida Authority to provide microbe-based solutions to turn the raw sewage into recyclable water to be used for purposes such as flushing, gardening and agriculture.  

The aim is to break down the sludge fast, with the lowest carbon footprint. And this will be achieved through a patented technology based on microbes.  The technology, which adheres to Bio Safety Level 1, would eliminate foul odor without the use of additional chemicals. It would also reduce the biological and chemical oxygen demand from the water, which is the amount of dissolved oxygen needed by aerobic biological organisms in a body of water.

Moreover, the system is easily installed and portable.

The cost of the treatment is way less than traditional technologies and requires no extra space for installation. The water would be treated in the nallah itself.

However, at this point, Noida Authority is doing a free pilot run and will discuss financial aspects only after the treated water is found acceptable. If the project is greenlit, US Exim Bank — which has tie-ups with the company — will back the project for the Authority.


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