What's eating these residents of Dwarka...
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What's eating these residents of Dwarka...

A drain — Trunk Drain-5 (TD-5) — passing through the back of various societies in the area in Sector 3 and 13 is what's getting to them. 

What's eating these residents of Dwarka...

Why are residents of various societies in Sectors 3 and 13 facing a tough time? A drain — Trunk Drain-5 (TD-5) — passing through the back of various societies in the area is why things have gotten difficult for these people.

Residents allege the chocked drain has not been cleaned for a long time, turning the entire atmosphere of the area toxic. Garbage collectors often dump garbage in the drain, causing it to choke, while authorities turn a blind eye.

Societies like Metro View Apartments and Netaji Subhash Apartments and Durga Pooja CGHS in Sector 13, and societies like Himachali Apartments, Nav Kairali Apartments, Air India Apartments and Prodyogiki Apartments in Sector 3 are facing the brunt.

President of Nav Kairali Apartments in Sector 3, RC Ahuja, said, “The drain has zero maintenance, and that’s causing the water to stagnate. The foul smell  has made life unbearable for people residing in flats at the back.”

Dr AK Gupta of Prodyogiki Apartments added, “Our electronic equipment is getting damaged, and the rains make it additionally difficult. We have raised the issue several times with the MLA and other civic officials, but nothing happened. The drain should certainly be covered, where it is close to societies.”

A resident of the Metro View Apartments in Sector 13, Ramphal Singh, has been following up the matter with various agencies. He has written several times to the DDA and also called up the L-G, the CM and other area representatives on the issue.

He lamented, “The DDA says this drain is the subject of the state government, while the latter puts the onus on the DDA — sometimes DDA says the irrigation department is responsible. It’s a complete mess.  Finally, I was forced to call at the L-G’s office!”

According to the RWA president of Metro View Apartments, Vinod Rawat, the flats at the back — from 489 to 608 — are the worst affected, as they are nearest to the drain. The RWA has written to the DDA and other agencies to look into the matter, he added.

Like Dr AK Gupta of Prodyogiki Apartments, he too feels covering of the drain in areas where it directly impacts the lives of residents is the only solution, like it has been done behind National Law University in Sector 14.