Streetlight poles, yes. Light? No... it only happens in Dwarka

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Aug 25, 2018

New streetlight poles are up at the neighbourhood parks of Sector 22 and 23, Dwarka, but there’s no light! This has been the scenario for more than six months, allege residents.

Most parks with this problem come under the jurisdiction of South Delhi Municipal Corporation.

The park behind Ramkrishna CGHS in Sector 23 is one such park. President of Ramkrishna CGHS, Kamlakar Darbari, said, “Electric poles have been installed about three months back in Park No. 8 behind Ramkrishna Apartments, Dwarka Dham, Prabha Apartments, Aditya Enclave and Sheetal Apartments, but no lights!  I have sent my request to the area councillor, am waiting for them to act.”

A member of the management of Sadbhavna Apartments in Sector 22, SS Mann, said, “There are some parks in Sector 22 near Jagran Apartments where the infrastructure is there, but there are no lights. This has led to thefts in the past.”

A resident of Jagran Apartments, Pramila Malik, complained, “Residents have written to the authority, but nothing has been done yet.”

To this, Mini George, a resident of Shaman Apartments in Sector 23, added, “The parks with proper lights are safe and no anti-social activities are reported from such areas.”

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