Noida Authority awards contracts for holistic waste management
Noida Authority awards contracts for holistic waste management
Avishek Dubey
Noida Authority awards contracts for holistic waste management
Photo: Samrat Roy

Noida Authority awards contracts for holistic waste management

Noida Authority hired a Mumbai-based firm, AG Enviro Infra Project Pvt Ltd, to start the work of door-to-door garbage collection in the city. The agency will provide equipment, manpower and everything else required for an annual fee of Rs 30 crore.

The process will start within the next four months. The company will set up garbage collection points at more than 50 locations across the city.

According to Rajesh Singh, officer-on-special duty, Noida Authority, the contract has been given out for a period 10 years.

Gaurav Kapoor, corporate development officer, said, “We will lift the garbage from the residential, commercial, industrial areas and also schools, hospitals and other sectors of the city. We will start a survey soon.”

He continued, “We will put 160 trucks for the collection of waste — 125 small trucks and 35 big trucks. We will also use the hydraulic container for the process. Also, the vehicles carrying the waste to the landfill site will be covered on all sides.”

Kapoor added, “We have experience in this domain and have been doing the same in Greater Noida, Banglore, New Mumbai, some parts of Delhi and other places.”

The authority is, however, yet to finalise a landfill site to treat the waste. As of now, it will be using an area of 16,000 sq m in Mubarakpur village.

All gated colonies, RWAs, bulk generators, who are managing organic waste inside their premises in accordance with the SWM Rules, 2016, and giving only the segregated, recyclable to the authorised waste collector would need to pay Rs 30 per month per unit (irrespective of size and type of unit).

Another project for mechanized road sweeping has been awarded to Chennai MSW Pvt Ltd.  It will cover 93 km of road on a daily basis. 

The third tender has been awarded to Delhi-based Ramky Envirotech Ltd for construction and demolition debris management. The company is to set up their facility at Sector 140 and will have designated points across Noida to store C&D debris before it is transported to a designated site for processing. The by-products are to be reutilised in various civil construction activities. The project is to commence from March 2019.