Gurgaon: CNG, PNG prices hiked due to weakening of rupee against dollar

By City Spidey
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Sep 06, 2018

The prices of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Piped Natural Gas (PNG) were hiked by Rs 2.25 and Rs 1.25 respectively in Gurgaon on Wednesday night. As per the officials of the Haryana City Gas Distribution Pvt Ltd, the prices were increased due to the weakening of rupee against the dollar.

They also attributed rising crude oil prices as the reason for the increase in prices. Now, the CNG will cost Rs 54.75 per kg and PNG Rs 29.

The CNG and PNG prices in Delhi are Rs 42.60 per kg and Rs 28.25 per cubic metre respectively.

After this hike, the fares of cabs and auto-rickshaws are also set to increase as they use CNG as fuel in their vehicles.

Many private vehicle owners who use CNG as fuel in their vehicles will also get affected by the hike in prices.

On the other hand, monthly gas bills of domestic users are also expected to go upwards due to hike in PNG prices.

“As per the revised rates which came into effect from 6 am on Wednesday, CNG is now priced at Rs 54.75 per kg, up from Rs 52.50 per kg, while PNG costs Rs 29 per cubic metre, up from Rs 27.75 per cubic metre,” said Satish Chopra, chairman and managing director of Haryana City Gas Distribution Pvt Ltd (HCGDL), on Wednesday.

The commuters are worried that they will have shell out more money to use public transport. The cab drivers are also unhappy with the upward revision of the prices.

“While passengers will feel the price pinch, our profit margins, too, would go down. Such hikes in fuel prices barely leave us enough to make ends meet,” Ram Avtar Singh, a taxi driver, said.

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