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Noida Authority starts picking cattle from roads after repeated accidents

Posted: Sep 17, 2018     By Avishek Dubey

After many incidents related to stray cattle came to the fore, the Noida Authority has started picking stray animals from the city roads. Around 130 cows have already been picked from the roads and sent to the cowshed in Sector-94.

Last week, the city police reported a cattle-related incident which happened on the elevated road. A fast-moving cab rammed into two cows which were roaming on elevated road. Both the cows died on the spot. The driver was safe after the incident.

But, it raises many questions against the approach of authority in managing such kind of issues. Cattle can be seen moving on roads where vehicles ply on high speed. This puts the lives of people in the vehicles and the cattle in danger.

“We are working on this drive since September 1. Three vans are continuously patrolling in the city to get hold of the cattle. On an average, we pick around 15 to 20 stray cattle every day,” an official said.

The official also said that the areas such as Harola junction, Sector-71, Sector-15, Barola and other places are most affected by the movement of cattle on road.

Verender Singh, an officer of Noida Authority informed that he caught around 15 cows from the sectors 74, 75, 77 and 78 so far. “Every day, the drive is carried out by his team to control the stray cattle menace on the roads,” Singh said.

The residents said that the authority should conduct this type of drive regularly. Cows sit on the major roads of the city which also causes traffic snarls. Fast-moving vehicles ramming into cows is a normal sight.

“In front of our society, cows sit on the road. Due to faulty streetlights, sometimes we are unable to spot the cows which result in accidents,” said Peeyush Aggarwal, a resident of Antriksh Forest in Sector-77 of Noida.

A resident of Sector-22, Ritu Singh, said that the stray cattle also roam on the interior roads of the sector. “During rain, water gets accumulated on the potholes making the whole area soiled. Cattle make their habitat there,” she added.

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