Supertech Ecociti residents in a candle march against dog menace in the basement

Photo: Supplied
Posted: Sep 20, 2018

Yesterday night, hundreds of residents of Supertech Ecociti, a high rise in Sector 137, Noida, held a candle march against the dog menace in the society.

According to residents, about 15-20 strays and 10 puppies have been living in the basement of the society and several cases of dog attacks have been reported from the premises.

Residents are miffed with a lady in the society who has been feeding the strays living in the basement.

“We have been regularly raising the matter in society meetings, and even held talks with the builder and the Noida Authority, but nothing happened,” lashed out a resident.

“She feeds the strays in the basement, and we pay the price. These dogs are very aggressive. We are scared to get our cars out. There have been several attacks on the residents, including kids and senior citizens. But this lady is oblivious to our problems,” said another resident.

According to the residents, the police is not will to lodge an FIR against the lady, as she threatened to take the matter to People for Animals (PFA).

Residents wants Noida Authority to remove the strays from the society.

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Good human 1986

Posted 11 months ago

why dont these residents tell the journalists the innovative ways they unleash insane cruelty on these dogs in the basement , most of these are puppies , from regular beatings, throwing lathis, poisoning , kicking puppies infront of their mothers and fighting with residents who feed them , even the small children chase and hound little puppies with wickets and bats and kick them while cycling , City Spidy should install their own cameras and you will be able to see all this


Chitra Mehta

Posted 11 months ago

Candle march against dogs!Have the respectable residents of Ecociti gone INSANE .Lost the battle vs dogs? Sounds absurd .Why cant they have a humane approach .They have an example to follow , see the lady who is feeding them I salute this lady for her noble act. The dog is not attacking her She gives them love and gets love from them. If you hit and trouble them naturally they will retailite.A huge society, why cant youl adopt these dogs? If cant do it individually , do it collectively. T his earth belongs to them also .we dont have any right to harm them .At least leave this lady to do her bit of good deed .You guys cant do this good act but indhlge in the shameful act of harming these innocent creatures and incifing them to bite in self profection .wash off this hatered from your hearts Nd develop a feeling of compassion .Again I would say Hats off to this lady for her noble services