This, is not the way!
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This, is not the way!

Vasundhara Enclave residents have been facing traffic jams on the Shaheed Captain Bhan Marg for the past 10 years. High time something's done about it.

This, is not the way! Traffic snarl in front of Evergreen Public School on Shaheed Captain Bhan Marg

We all hate traffic jams. Nothing slows us down more. Being stuck in a jam once or twice a week is still acceptable. But every day? For 10 years?

Residents of Vasundhara Enclave, East Delhi, have been facing the problem for almost a decade now. Traffic snarls in Shaheed Captain Bhan Marg have become the norm. The one-kilometre stretch from Dharamshila Cancer Hospital to Noida’s Sector 6 border is a regular witness to jams. And despite efforts by various Apartment Owners Associations, the problem still persists.

JP Sharma, secretary of Vasundhara Enclave Joint Forum, said, “We have been facing this problem for the past 10 years and it affects our daily life. It takes a lot of time to go from one apartment to another; even walking (on the road) has become difficult late in the evening. Till date, no leader from any political party has paid any attention towards this problem.”

What is a cause for concern is ambulances getting delayed due to the jam. According to Prabha Shankar, a resident of Parivartan Vihar Housing Society, “There are have been instances when ambulances were caught up in a heavy traffic jam with no way out of it.”

Anil Chouhan, a traffic police constable on duty at Vasundhra Enclave Police Post, said that schoolchildren find it especially tough to navigate the road and often ask for help.

Vehicles from housing societies situated in the area frequent the road. As do commuters from Delhi and Noida. This causes huge traffic jams, especially during rush hours. Nearly twenty five thousand residents of Vasundhara Enclave are affected by this problem. Vasundhara Enclave has 5,500 flats in 45 housing societies.

Chouhan added, “If the entry of heavy motor vehicles is restricted, especially in mornings and evenings, it would provide a much-needed respite to residents of Vasundhara Enclave.”