Residents meet DM over poor condition of road connecting Crossings to NH24

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Oct 08, 2018

It’s been long that the only road connecting the Crossings Republik to NH-24 has been in dilapidated state. Now, the miffed residents on Monday approached DM Ritu Maheshwari and shared the situation with her.

The road is full of potholes and commuters are finding it tough to pass the stretch in last three months. The state of road is almost same from ABES engineering college till Shahberi village.

The residents said that they have complained multiple times to GDA but the authority always shifts the responsibility of the road on developer’s shoulder.

Sanjay Jha, resident of Crossings and Secretary of FedAOA told City Spidey that the residents have complained several times but GDA always shrugs the responsibility of road’s maintenance on the developer, Crossings Infra Private Limited (CIPL).

“They always say that they’ve forwarded our concern to CIPL and it will take care of the road,” he said.

However, Manoj Gaur, Managing Director of CIPL said that GDA never asked CIPL to maintain the road. “How can they? It’s outside the perimeter of the township and we are not liable for its maintenance,” he said.

“We constructed it once to facilitate our connectivity of residents. But now, it is responsibility of GDA to maintain it,” Gaur added.

The member of federation also accompanied the residents and gave a written request to Maheshwari.

Alok Kumar, federation’s President said that the road is a blot on Chief Minister Adityanath’s dream of making state’s roads free of potholes.

The residents shared the problems they face regularly owing to bad condition of the road.

Payal Gupta, a resident of Ajnara Gen-X society said that it’s a traumatic experience to cross the road. “The bad condition of the road makes movement slower which causes traffic jams during the peak hours,” she said.

She also said that the potholes damage the vehicles. “Just few months back I changed suspensions of my car and they have also started making noise. This is happening because of the poor condition of road,” she said.

Another resident, Payal Tripathi said that she hears regular complaints of tyre puncture and damage to the vehicles.

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