Who will keep an eye on GreNo's Sigma III now?
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Who will keep an eye on GreNo's Sigma III now?

A group of unidentified people razed the sector's CCTV control room to the ground. Residents say they saw a junior engineer of Greater Noida Authority lead the group.

Who will keep an eye on GreNo's Sigma III now?

Residents of Sector Sigma III in Greater Noida are an angry lot. They said their RWA had recently spent Rs 1.5 lakh for installing CCTV cameras in the sector and had made a control room to monitor footage.

They alleged that on Thursday evening a few unidentified people entered the sector with a bulldozer and the control room was razed to the ground, damaging all computers and LCD screens in it. They, however, alleged that the group were led by Pradeep Sharma, a junior engineer with the Greater Noida Authority. The miscreants left before residents could catch them.

Secretary of the RWA, Rajan Nagpal, told City Spidey that the CCTV cameras and the control room had been set up to keep an eye on frequent incidents of crime in the sector. He said that the Greater Noida Authority gave no notice to them and the control room was demolished illegally.

Residents reached the nearby police station and complained about Sharma. Residents also said that they would take up the matter with senior officials of the Authority.

Menwhile, when City Spidey contacted the ACEO of Greater Noida Authority, PC Gupta, he said that he had received a complaint in this regard and an investigation had been ordered. He said that if the role of the junior engineer was established, action would be taken against him.