Indirapuram societies unite to weed out drug abuse
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Indirapuram societies unite to weed out drug abuse

Representatives of FedAOA, along with parents of children taking drugs, are set to meet the district magistrate tomorrow to discuss the problem of drug abuse among the youth.

Indirapuram societies unite to weed out drug abuse

Residents of Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, are worried about increasing drug use among the youth. A few months back, news of a group of students found smoking cannabis on the terrace of a reputed Indirapuram school shocked the entire neighbourhood. The problem, however, is not just limited to schools. The menace has become quite common across residential societies in Indirapuram.

DK Maurya, general secretary of the Federation of Association of Apartment Owners, told City Spidey that there is no society in Indirapuram that is untouched by this problem. Alok Kumar, President of FedAOA, said that parents of children taking drugs hesitated to come forward to file complaints due to the social stigma associated with drug abuse. It was only yesterday that some residents from a reputed society in Indirapuram approached the FedAOA with the problem.

Last February, FedAOA sent a letter to Ghaziabad Police to draw its attention to drug abuse in Indirapuram. The letter, addressed to SSP Ghaziabad, stated that drugs were readily available at cigarette kiosks and with other vendors and auto drivers, who acted as peddlers. The letter also requested the police's urgent intervention to tackle the situation. However, even months after sending the letter, there has been no change in the availability of narcotics. Residents allege that this can only happen when there is a nexus between the police and drug peddlers.

Alok Kumar told City Spidey that easy access to drugs had led to a rise in consumption. The younger residents of the society are easy and obvious targets. "Sale of narcotic substances near residential compounds and schools has turned into a huge threat. If the authorities do not act on the issue, we will have a serious drug problem on our hands," added Kumar.

City Spidey took up the matter with the SP City's office. The PRO of the SP office assured immediate action on the issue.

City Spidey also discussed the problem with Vimal Kumar Sharma, district magistrate of Ghaziabad, who said he was unaware of the issue. He urged residents to come forward with their problems and discuss the matter. He also said there would be no stone left unturned to tackle the problem. "I will speak to the SSP and other authorities and initiate immediate action," added Sharma.

Alok Kumar confirmed that representatives of FedAOA and parents of the children using drugs are set to meet the district magistrate over the issue tomorrow. "Some residents have gotten hold of phone numbers of peddlers, which they will hand over to the police," he added.