Dwarka ACP stresses on paid parking to curb the menace of carjacking

Sector 10, Dwarka
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jan 10, 2019

While in Delhi parking is being made free in several areas, in Dwarka, free parking zones are being converted into paid parking, with permission of the civic bodies. Why? To prevent carjacking.

Parking spaces near metro stations such as Sectors 10, 12, 13 have been converted into paid parking on the recommendation of police.

ACP, Dwarka, Rajender Singh, in a meeting held recently in Sector 13, said, “Looking at the frequent incidents of carjacking, we asked landowning agencies to charge a parking fee to keep vehicles safe. It has yielded positive results. We are looking at other places as well and have written to the civic agencies. These paid parking spaces are being made cordoned off with barbed wires.”

Carjacking has always been a problem in Dwarka. In some areas, the problem is so acute that police had to turn the space into no-parking zones.

In Sector 14, the police put a notice board to not park vehicles in the designated space —and also deputed a constable there.


The parking area in Sector 14, which is not in use currently; discussions are on to make it a paid parking zone 


Residents, too, prefer paid parking, since it implies safety of their vehicles.

RK Singh, a resident of Sector 16, said, “People often park their vehicles in the open areas in front of metro stations. But carjacking is a problem, and paid parking is the only way out.”  

Anil Kumar, who lost his car from Sector 13 Metro station, added, “Earlier the parking spaces were paid and there were no incidents of carjacking. I could not understand why the agencies changed the rule and made parking free, without any security arrangements!”

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