Here's what FedAOA wants from PCB, GDA and fire department
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Here's what FedAOA wants from PCB, GDA and fire department

Representatives of AOA Federation of Ghaziabad, discussed issues with Pollution Control Board, Ghaziabad Development Authority and the city's fire department.

Here's what FedAOA wants from PCB, GDA and fire department

Representatives of AOA Federation of Ghaziabad, headed by TP Tyagi, met officials of Pollution Control Board (PCB), Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) and the fire department of Ghaziabad, to discuss the civic issues of the city.

The meetings were held over a span of two months, March and April. In the meetings, the representatives of the federation demanded immediate action and responses to previous complaints made by the residents of Ghaziabad.

Here are the points discussed in the meetings:

1. Meeting with PCB on March 18:

a. The resident-body asked PCB to demand factories in Ghaziabad to provide details of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of the past three years.

b. They also demanded the installation of a PM 1 air sampler and sampling to find the air quality index of the city.

c. The representatives asked PCB about why, Continental Carbon, a factory in Ghaziabad was reopened after being sealed by board. In the meeting, it was decided that PCB would provide the details about the respective queries by March 29.

2. Meeting with Ghaziabad fire department on March 19:

a. The meeting, held at Sector 1, Vaishali, saw residents demanding a thorough survey to check the adequacy of firefighting system to be carried out in societies of Indirapuram, Crossings Republik, Vasundhara and Raj Nagar Extension before April 30.

b. They asked the CFO Ajay Kumar Sharma to arrange for a hydraulic platform for Ghaziabad immediately and to ensure its availability in cases of emergency.

c. They also recommended the fire department to nominate firefighting wardens in consultation with AOA Federation Ghaziabad and Consortium of Ghaziabad.

The officials ensured action on the points discussed in the meeting.

3. Meeting with GDA on April 2: 

a. AOA representatives raised their concern over the carbon film that covered the pathways and window panes of societies in Crossings Republik. The carbon was being emitted as a by-product from Continental Carbon Industries Ltd, a factory located near the neighbourhood.

b. . They also asked GDA to intervene and allot its 2% CSR for development of Ganga jal and electricity supply in the area.

c. Taking into consideration the concentration of population, the federation had also demanded a dedicated fire sub-station for Crossings Republik.

d. It was also pointed out that commercial activities were taking place within the residential compounds and requested the GDA to weed them out.

The meeting was held at Supertech Livingstone, a residential society in Crossings Republik.