Liquor flows in Mayur Vihar Extension, so does crime
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Liquor flows in Mayur Vihar Extension, so does crime

Over a dozen liquor shops inside nearby malls are the source of nuisance. Easy access to liquor has made the locality a haven for criminals and antisocial elements.

Liquor flows in Mayur Vihar Extension, so does crime

Malls near Mayur Vihar Extension house over two dozen liquor shops. These liquor shops have become a source of nuisance for the residential societies in the area. Easy access to liquor has given rise to myriad crimes in the locality. So much so that the area has become a haven for criminals and antisocial elements.

Consumption of liquor in parks, gambling in public places, eve-teasing and molestation, chain and mobile phone snatching and rash driving under the influence of liquor have become commonplace. Vendors and pavement dwellers here are said to be the villain of the piece. They serve their customers not only with snacks and other eatables, but also offer glasses and water to make their drinks.

Residents of various apartments, including Vigypan Lok, Lovely, Vardhaman, Kirti, Glaxo, United India and Samachar Apartments, are the worst affected by the rising crime.  They complain that the football field that falls between Vigyaapan Lok and Lovely Apartments has become a den of crime. Taking advantage of poor lighting in the park, criminal elements indulge in all sorts of nefarious activities.

Early risers find pieces of glass, broken liquor bottles, empty bottles of Corex (a cough syrup used by drug addicts), used condoms, beer cans and disposable plastic glasses strewn all around on roads and football parks. These discards, a tell-tale proof of nocturnal activities, make walking on the pavement and playing in the field impossible.

The residents have repeatedly complained about the matter to the local police. But no action has been taken to address the problem. 

Chandra Bhan, president of United India Society, said a few days ago, two miscreants snatched his daughter-in-law’s chain right in front of the gate of the society in broad day light. The incident has instilled so much fear in her that she now hardly ventures out of the society.”

According to Nimisha Bhagat, a resident of Kirti Apartments, as many as 83 cases of mobile and chain snatching by bike-borne youths were reported to the local police in the last quarter alone.

Residents have also written to Mahesh Giri, local Member of Parliament (MP), demanding immediate construction of speed breakers and installing of police barricade from Samachar Apartments to Glaxo Apartments. They are awaiting his response.