Noida: No power to the people
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Noida: No power to the people

Noida, supposedly a no-power-cut zone, has been facing five to six power cuts a day, each lasting three to four hours. UPPCL says their supply is adequate.

Noida: No power to the people

Peak summers are here and residents are exasperated with the frequent power cuts across Noida. Power cuts occur five to six times a day, each lasting three to four hours.

With the mercury hovering close to the 50-degree-Celsius mark, most residents of 'no-power-cut-zone', Noida, have been going to work without a proper night's sleep.

Rashmi Chawla, a resident of Sector 37, told City Spidey, "We are having a really tough time with the power cuts. Even our inverter battery dies after a while." 

What do the electricity department officials have to say?

Arun Tyagi, a resident of Sector 27, said that when they try calling the electricity department officials, their numbers are generally found switched off. "Even when we do succeed in getting through to them, they blame some minor fault and assure us to fix it soon," he added. 

The power cut problem is not just limited to some parts. 

Nikhat Sharma, a resident of ATS Village, Sector 93A, said that they too face frequent power outages and voltage fluctuations throughout the day.

However, Mukul Singhal, superintendent engineer of Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL), still claims that Noida is a no-power-cut zone.

"The peak electricity demand in Noida is 11.5 megawatts per day and we are supplying adequate power. It was only local faults that must be the problem," said Singhal.