Dwarka: Naked electricity wires pose a constant threat
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Dwarka: Naked electricity wires pose a constant threat

Open electricity junction boxes and dangling wires can be dangerous for both pedestrians as well as commuters.

Dwarka: Naked electricity wires pose a constant threat

Rajender Kumar, a resident of Sector 3 in Dwarka, was walking his dog last week when he suddenly felt an electric shock and fell on the ground. He suffered minor scratches but fortunately escaped any serious mishap.

“When I looked around I realized that I must have touched a naked electricity wire that was hanging from a street light pole nearby. Though nothing serious happened, the whole incident was terrifying. What if the shock had been of high intensity?” a shaken Kumar asked.

Live wires coming out of the poles and bare electricity junction boxes pose tantamount risk of electrocution to the residents. If you take a walk around the streets of the sub city, naked wires dangling from electric poles and open transformers can be seen around.

“This is a very serious concern but something that rarely gets attention. The authorities have a negligent attitude towards such issues,” said RK Malhotra, a resident of Sector 12.

The residents say none of the authorities including DDA, BSES or municipal corporation are serious about the problem. “The electricity junction boxes are located at a very low height at several places in Sector 10. Most of these boxes are open and naked wires can be seen sprouting out. At many places, these wires are hidden behind trees posing serious threat to pedestrians,” said Jyoti Singh, a resident of Sector 10.

Markets are also risky spots as electricity panels and junctions here are installed on the walls along the stairs. The wires can be seen carelessly hanging from the walls and pillars. The locals say there have been many instances of shot-circuit and fire in the past here because of these naked wires.

“This is sheer negligence on the part of civic authorities. How much does it cost to cover these wires and boxes? It feels like they are waiting for something bad to happen before taking any action,” added Malhotra.

The residents say they have discussed the issue with electricity department and civic agencies several times. But nothing effective has been done till now and the condition is only getting worse. “We regularly repair boxes and put insulator tape on the naked wires. We will check it again,” said a BSES official on the condition of anonymity.