Mayur Vihar Phase I Extension: Where the mind is with fear


Mayur Vihar Phase I Extension: Where the mind is with fear

Stray dogs and cattle pose danger to residents. While they live in the lurking fear of animal attack, civic authorities sitting on their plaints.

Mayur Vihar Phase I Extension: Where the mind is with fear

The growing number of stray dogs and cattle in their neighbourhood is a cause of concern for Residents of Mayur Vihar Phase I Extension. While the canines pose health hazard and physical harm, cows and bulls on the loose charge on passers-by and often cause traffic jams.

These animals, residents say, largely come from nearby Chilla village. East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC), they complain has not taken any step to weed out the menace. Despite repeated requests, no stray animal catching vehicle is sent to the area.

DK Chhatwal, Secretary of Nirman Apartments, said residents have made several representations to the concerned officials in the past, drawing their attention towards the problem, but nothing has been done to redress their grievance.

“During the night, the dogs keep barking hours at end making it impossible to sleep,” he rued. 

Meenu Kaushal, treasurer of the RWA of the same apartment, said the situation becomes worse when a number of stray dogs strike at the society in a pack.

“In such a scenario, we can’t allow children to go out to play due to safety concerns,” she added.

Ratan Lal Gupta, Secretary, Vardhman Apartments, said, “The district park has become a den of stray animals making morning and evening walk difficult. Residents here live in a lurking fear of attack by a pack of dogs.”

Cattle are no less a menace. Cows and bulls often gather at the traffic signals disrupting movement of vehicles. They can attack on passers-by with or without provocation.

Speaking to City Spidey, Nikki Singh, local councillor, confirmed that the locality is facing the stray animal problem for long. The EDMC, with just one stray animal catching vehicle at its disposal, is unable to cover the entire area that falls under its jurisdiction.