How sewer water proved a blessing in disguise for a Dwarka park
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How sewer water proved a blessing in disguise for a Dwarka park

The stinking sewer water not only provided relief from dust particles flying in the air, but also helped in the growth of grass on a deserted patch.

How sewer water proved a blessing in disguise for a Dwarka park

The moment you enter the park, you will feel like getting out in revulsion as a nauseating smell enters your nostrils. This is the stench emanating from the sewer water spilt all over the park behind Harsukh Apartments, one of the most popular neighbourhood destinations in Sector 7, Dwarka. But the regulars to the park welcome it as a necessary evil. Why? Let’s find out.

Though the stench pervading all over is unsavoury, the visitors are happy that the sewer water, at least, gave them the much wanted relief from dust particles flying in the air by fertilising the dried up surface of the park acting as manure.

During the hot summer, water evaporates. But the sewer water kept the entire park stinking for days at end. Nevertheless, members of a morning walkers’ club welcomed it as it helped grass grow on the barren patch.

 “Whatever could be the reason for sewer water making its way into the park, I can say, for sure, it has benefited the park a lot. Though we have to bear with foul smell, dust has settled down for a couple of weeks,” said Bhagvan Singh Jamwal, Harsukh Apartments

Jamwal suggested that the DDA should take a cue from the development and utilise sewer water for irrigation of the park as there is no other source of water for the purpose.

The park is surrounded by many societies including Sri Niketan, Kamal Vihar, Rashi, Young Aheria, Satisar, Harsukh etc. Residents of these societies use the park for morning and evening walks. Also, people from Palam, Mahavir Enclave etc. use the park for exercise and yoga sessions.

Prashant Kumar, a resident of Mahavir Enclave, who exercises in the park daily, said, “Certainly, sewer in the park caused lot of inconvenience to the visitors. It is still welcome as it has watered the entire area.”

Pointing out that the park was full of sewer water 10 days ago, he said it is drying up now. He suspects the DDA had deliberately watered the area with sewer water.

When posed the question to Deputy Director Horticulture, Prem Chandra, he told City Spidey, “We did not release sewer water in the park. It entered the park through a damaged pipeline of sewer treatment plant near going through the park. I have confirmed with the concerned department that the line has now been repaired.”