SDMC starts collecting 'segregated waste' from societies across Dwarka
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SDMC starts collecting 'segregated waste' from societies across Dwarka

"Societies across the area have been asked to take necessary actions and impose a penalty against the violators," Sanitary Inspector Kuldeep Yadav said,

SDMC starts collecting 'segregated waste' from societies across Dwarka

Acting strict, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation has started collecting segregated garbage from the societies across Dwarka. It is being collected from various residential apartments with the help of RWAs and management in the form of dry and wet waste in two separate trucks.

Talking to City Spidey, Sanitary Inspector of Ward B, Kuldeep Yadav said, "The collection work of segregated waste started firstly in Sector 22 and 23 and now, it is being carried out in other societies of the area as well. Almost each and every society is following it and we will make sure the rest of them too adhere to this practice. We have stopped collecting waste which is not segregated."

Yadav added saying that societies in other sectors across the sub-city have been asked to strictly follow this practice.

"We have sent a message to all the societies in this regard and asked the management of that particular residential apartment to take necessary actions against the violators. We have also allowed them to impose a penalty if segregation is not being done properly," Yadav said.

He has informed City Spidey that by June-end, societies in Sector 6 and 10 would be covered too. "Our objective is to sensitise the RWAs so that they could adopt the concept in a natural way as a part of sanitation. Besides, we are now fully prepared with the system which enables us to collect segregated garbage," Yadav stated.

RWAs and management of almost all the societies too are supporting this practice in order to manage waste.

Kamalakar Darbari, president of Ram Krishna Apartments (Sector 23) feels good as he is able to help in managing waste through proper segregation in his society.

“Segregation was being done in the past too but the process of collection was not proper. The work has become easy now as the corporation is equipped with a proper disposal system,” Darbari concluded.