Indirapuram: Messing up with lift equipment becomes nuisance in Amrapali Village

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jun 12, 2019

We often get to read that residents, troubled with the malfunctioning of lifts, blame the management of the society for its 'poor maintenance' but here is a video from Amrapali Village, a high-rise in Indirapuram's Nyay Khand 2, which shows a different story.

In the video footage, residents, especially bachelors, and kids can be seen doing various mischiefs within the lift. Some randomly press almost all the buttons, some stand at the entrance of the lift, not allowing it to close and a few trying to move the CCTV cameras installed inside the elevator.

One can shout at such people, warn them but regular identification and imposing a heavy penalty against the damage done have proved to be a deterrent in such cases.

Talking to City Spidey on this issue, secretary of RWA of the society Maheshwaran Nair said, “We levy fines up to Rs 7000, depending upon the extent of the damage.”

"There have been many cases where guests of some residents have tried to mess around with cameras. Without compromising, we have complained to the police and helped in nabbing them," told Nair.

While some acknowledge their mistake and apologise, some stay adamant. "We complain about such people to their landlords. Many of them have been asked to leave by their flat owners," Nair concluded.

Well, these people might be doing this just for fun but such mischiefs, besides being creating a nuisance, pose a serious threat to their lives and others.

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