Noida: Rayz International Preschool organises 'start-up' camp for kids
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Noida: Rayz International Preschool organises 'start-up' camp for kids

A jury comprising 5 women entrepreneurs from the UK, Nigeria, Croatia, and India adjudged the best performers by presenting them mementos.

Noida: Rayz International Preschool organises 'start-up' camp for kids

In a first, Rayz International Preschool on Friday held a 'Start-Up Boot' camp for children, encouraging entrepreneurship skills amongst them at the school level. 

This camp is a project-based learning program, where children are given the opportunity to create their own company, design products and learn business basics like manufacturing, marketing, get loans and financing to support their business.

A jury comprising five women entrepreneurs from countries like the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Croatia, and India watched the activities carried out by children during the camp. They saw their performances through video conferencing and appreciated the initiative by the school for children. Best performers of the camp were later honoured with mementos. 

Kids with full joy and fervour participated in the camp, turning it into a result-orientated program with sustainable start-up ideas like creating paper shampoo and conditioner so that passengers can avoid carrying heavy luggage during their journey. Similarly, paper bags to encourage recycling and comic books titled ‘Superheroes Redefined’ to promote that we all have superpowers, etc. 

Besides, they got the opportunity to sell their products at Kids Bazaar, a special arrangement made to provide a platform for them to develop marketing and sales skills at an early age.

S Kumar, chairman of the school and Jasmin Kumar, vice-president were present to encourage these kids.

"The amount earned by selling the products created by the children will be donated to an NGO, which works for the underprivileged," Kumar concluded.