RESIDENT SPEAK: Issues galore at Ecovillage-II; developer turns deaf ear

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jun 17, 2019

The residents are facing a lot of issues related to the maintenance of the society without the much required attention from the developer at Ecovillage-II in Greater Noida West.

The most prominent one is the lift problem. Every other day, someone gets stuck in the lift but there is no effort from the builder to repair it. We are forced to wonder whether they will act after fatality.

Moreover, no waste disposal system has been created so far in the society. The garbage can be seen scattered all over the place near every tower exposing people to potential health hazards.

The other issue, which is affecting the lives of people dearly, is the frequent problems with the transformer. Every now and then, we are forced to live without electricity as long as two days. 

Residents' population is increasing very fast at the society but the inadequate water supply arrangement is another issue which is creating problems. Currently, there is only one pump.

As far as security is concerned, unqualified people have been deployed and they are often clueless about their job. The diesel generators are operating without chimneys which is violation of the NGT norms. It is causing pollution and people have no other option but to live with smoke.

All these issues have been brought to the notice of the developer but they are constantly ignoring the issues making lives of the residents difficult.

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