GreNo Authority prepares adoption policy to save 'greenery' across city

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jun 20, 2019

In a bid to protect parks and green belt areas, the Greater Noida Authority has prepared the Adopt Green Area Revised Policy, 2019. Under this policy, social or educational institutes, housing societies, shopping malls and commercial complexes in the city can adopt park or roundabouts similar to how private companies used to get adopted. 

The policy, approved by the chairman of the authority, states that the adopter will have to make a plan and submit it to the planning department. Only after permission is granted by the planning and horticulture department, they will be allowed to adopt parks or green belts. However, the time limit for adoption has not been decided yet.

In order to keep the city clean and green, the Greater Noida Authority has made roundabouts and wide green belts along the streets. Apart from this many small parks have been built in various sectors. But due to lack of supervision and insufficient budget of the Horticulture Department, the parks, and green belts are being ruined. 

A company or organisation that adopts a park or area will be able to advertise in exchange for maintenance of the park. Besides, there is a provision of imposing fine on the violators.


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