Sewer line job on, but Sec 26 residents want to breathe easy
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Sewer line job on, but Sec 26 residents want to breathe easy

Six months on, there is no sign of completion of the sewer project in Sector 26, Noida. Slow pace of work means residents have to endure dust and haze for long.

Sewer line job on, but Sec 26 residents want to breathe easy Work in progress: Residents' patience is running out as debris keeps releasing dust in the air.

Residents of Sector 26 are bearing the brunt from the slow progress in replacement of old underground sewer pipelines in their locality. Since the work is going on on a snail's pace, they see no relief from the dust floating in the air and debris lying on the roads anytime soon.

The Noida Authority had assigned the project of replacement of old pipelines to clear sewer blockages to a contractor and sanctioned Rs 184 lakh in January this year. Six months on, there is no sign of its completion. The residents accuse the contractor of carrying out the work in a very lethargic and unplanned manner.

When contacted, MC Verma, Assistant Project Engineer of the authority, denied any delay. Insisting that the project is on schedule, he said it was stipulated to be completed in ten months from the date of awarding of the contract. He was confident that the work will complete well within the deadline i.e. October 2016. 

Meanwhile, patience of the residents is wearing thin. The sector’s RWA President, Govind Sharma, told City Spidey that workers leave the sector’s roads dug up at many places for removing old pipes and laying new ones. They do not bother to sprinkle water on the debris to prevent dust from flying in the air. He called it a clear violation of the norms laid down by the National Green Tribunal (NGT) to curb air pollution from construction activity.

While the entire sector is enduring dust and haze, residents of Block D of the sector, in particular, are bearing the brunt with dust entering their homes due to proximity to the site.

Pointing out that the contractor is able to barely complete work in block D in six months, Sharma said he is yet to take up Block A even as monsoon is round the corner. If he starts laying pipes in this block now, the work is bound to be hampered once the rainy season sets in.