Fungus found in DPS Indirapuram water canon
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Fungus found in DPS Indirapuram water canon

The fungus was seen collected at the bottom inside the canon.

Fungus found in DPS Indirapuram water canon

In a rather serious incident, a parent of Delhi Public School Indirapuram recently found fungus in one of the water canons which was being used in the school's canteen on Friday.

As a proof, the parent shot a video of the cannon which was attached with an instant coffee dispenser. The fungus was seen collected at the bottom inside the canon. "The canon was being used to supply water to the machine which was placed for the usage of the senior wing of DPS Indirapuram," said the complainant Amit Jindal. The same was being used to provide drinks to the teaching staff. “The teachers are also under the risk of consuming contaminated drinks from that canon,” Jindal added.

Jindal further claimed that the canteen worker initially denied possibility of fungus and tried to cover it up with an excuse of stains on the exterior surface of the canon. However, Jindal remained adamant and immediately complained to the department of Food Safety and Drug Administration. Later the officers came and took samples of the water and red chilli powder being used in the canteen.

Priyanka Rana, President of DPS Parents Association said that such callousness from the school authorities was not acceptable. Priyanka said, “They charge a hefty fees and we also oblige, because we want to make sure that our children are taken good care. Fungus infected water can adversely affect health of our children." She further said, "Who will be responsible if they develop an ailment?"

“Such incidents make us wonder if our decision to enroll our kids into this school was even right,” Rana commented.

Meanwhile, the samples were sent to a Lucknow based testing lab on Monday. The report is still awaited. City Spidey tried to contact the school authority but they refused to comment on the matter.