Dwarka police turns sentinel of senior citizens including estranged ones
Dwarka police turns sentinel of senior citizens including estranged ones
Akhilesh Pandey
Dwarka police turns sentinel of senior citizens including estranged ones
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Dwarka police turns sentinel of senior citizens including estranged ones

In a very noble cause, the Dwarka police has started working towards providing ample securities and facilities to the senior citizens including the estranged ones living in the area. 

With an objective to devise a proper system aiming to keep a close vigil, police along with social organisations and Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) have started collating data of senior citizens living in different sectors and societies.

The objective of this endeavour is to provide required facilities from police under the provision of laws. Recently, a meeting was organised jointly by police and an NGO, Age Well Association, at Anusandhan Apartments in Sector 6. 

Senior citizens from across the city took part in the meeting and interacted with the police. 

On the occasion, ACP, Dwarka, Rajender Singh made the seniors aware about their rights and the ways to avail the services from police and administration. Seniors were given forms to submit their information to the beat officers present there.

ACP Singh informed that more such meetings would be organised with the help of residents, RWAs and social organisations. “With the help of people, we have started collecting data of senior citizens in the area. Our beat officers will be looking after the status of the seniors so that the required facilities under our jurisdiction and law could be provided to them,” he said.

He said that the move is aimed to also take care of the senior citizens who are living alone without their children. “There are also people who have been facing problems in family and suffering. We are just making them feel that they are not alone. We want to take care of them just like their children would do. Our efforts are in the direction of making them relaxed and free from any anxiety,” he added.

Beat officers are visiting societies and also organising meetings with senior citizens and educating them about the acts, rights and provisions by the government. They are also being trained to use the mobile applications made for their safety and security. 

“Making them aware about the acts and their rights under law is our primary focus. We want them to be empowered and make them aware that they could use the provisions. We are making them aware about legal aspects and what facilities being given as legal support by the government,” said ACP Singh.

General secretary of Age Well Association, PK Chopra said that they are submitting the collected data to the senior citizens cell in the police stations. 

He said that as part of the community policing, the support is being given to them. “We are making sure that all the senior citizens get registered properly with the senior citizens cell of Delhi Police. We have a meeting again with senior citizens on this Saturday too to plan on the subject,” he added.

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