Things go haywire with ill-maintained hanging dustbins in Dwarka
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Things go haywire with ill-maintained hanging dustbins in Dwarka

With rain, the filth has exaggerated and it is causing foul smell in the area.

Things go haywire with ill-maintained hanging dustbins in Dwarka

Contrary to the boisterous claims of the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) officials and public representatives, overflowing hanging dustbins can be easily spotted all across Dwarka. These dustbins are also a major blot to the “Clean India” campaign.  

These dustibins have become a nuisance especially in the rainy season. With rain, the filth has been exaggerated and it is causing foul smell in the area.

Hundreds of such dustbins, which were once placed in the market premises, have become a cause of worry because they have not been managed properly.

Vinod Sinha, a resident of Sector 12 said, “Broken and overflowing dustbins are showing the poor monitoring and maintenance by SDMC. As soon as you enter the market of Sector 12, you would be welcomed by such overflowing filthy dustbins with stinking smell.”

In the big markets like sectors 12, 4, 5, 10, 6 and 7, such dustbins can be seen easily making the whole area dirty. Even in the small markets at sectors 2, 3, 6, 10, 7, 12, these dustbins are not cleaned at regular basis.

People said that SDMC was not serious in cleaning them properly on time. Shruti Bhargav, a resident of Sector 6 said, “This is surprising that the area councillors and the other SDMC officials visit the market areas but do nothing. On the other hand, the market people have no concern for the dustbins. This is a complete negligence on the part of authority and also the community who too failed in making the dustbins maintained through SDMC.”

Residents are saying that the everyday clearance of the garbage from those dustbins is poor and that is the major cause of such pathetic condition. People involved in the clearance of garbage expressed that most of the dustbins are difficult to approach to clean. 

“We collect the garbage daily from the dumping spots outside the market or from those dustbins which are easily approachable,” they said.

These dustbins are placed in such locations that they find it very difficult to clear garbage. Also, such dustbins are fixed and often surrounded by the vehicles and encroachers so the access is quite difficult. 

“On the other hand, we have limited time and such dustbins are hundreds in number so the whole work get affected. Corporation has only placed the dustbins and did not think that how it would be managed for sanitation,” said one of the persons involved in garbage clearance from SDMC on the condition of anonymity.

Leader of the house, SDMC, Kamaljeet Sehrawat said that the subject would be taken into concern and needful would be done.