Gurugram: Sustainable living market organised to inculcate zero waste lifestyle

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Jul 29, 2019

To promote zero waste lifestyle among the denizens, 'I am Gurgaon,' a city-based NGO in association with Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG), on Sunday organised a sustainable living market at Samadhaan Hub in Sector 43.

The initiative brings together residents, companies, social enterprises, home entrepreneurs and NGO’s from across Gurugram on one platform amid nature.

“Sustainable living is the need of the hour and empowering ourselves to make responsible choices is the only way forward to us for leaving a better world for future generations. Additionally, changing our lifestyles is the only way of managing Gurugram’s growing problem of waste, air pollution and scarcity of water,” said Latika Thukral, Co-founder, 'I am Gurgaon.'

“With this, we urge people to move towards living in harmony with nature, empowering each other to take small steps towards a happier, healthier, sustainable lifestyle,” Thukral added.

The market was brimming with various stalls showcasing fashionable upcycled products, alternatives to single-use plastics products, bio-cleaners, handmade soaps, permaculture soils, home composting solutions, community farms, organic food, organic clothing, etc. The residents had a gala time and were seen enjoying neighborhood urban forest with their families.

A session with ecologist Vijay Dhasmana on the importance of native trees and creating an urban forest in cities was also part of the initiative.

“Our idea is to spread the message that sustainable living can be fun, convenient and cool. People are becoming aware, they want to make a change but need the tools to do it. This sustainable living market aims to provide them the platform,” said Smita Ahuja, an organiser from 'I am Gurgaon.'    

Kids were also seen enjoying by climbing trees, swinging on trees swings, playing traditional games, participating in a nature walk for spotting butterflies and birds. They also engaged in fun crafts activity and learn about leopards.

Nidhi Kankan, member of 'I am Guragon' said, "Today people are more aware and doing their bit at an individual level and this initiative brings them together. Through this initiative, we urge people to make more environmentally friendly choices.”

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