Indirapuram: Amrapali Village under hiss-teria!
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Indirapuram: Amrapali Village under hiss-teria!

The security guards spotted the snake near the exit gate of the society.

Indirapuram: Amrapali Village under hiss-teria!

Around 3-4 feet long snake was spotted slithering inside the premises of Amrapali Village, a high rise in Indirapuram on Friday night.

 The security guards spotted the snake near the exit gate of the society. However, the guards did not attempt to catch the snake at the time. The snake after slithering a while in the open went inside an office of a cable service provider and did not come out the whole night. The office was locked but the snake slid within the space between shutter and the floor, the guards told. 

Meanwhile, in the morning, RWA of the society called forest official and snake charmers. However, their hours of exercise went in vain as they failed to locate the snake. "The officials came around 9:30 am and the search began. The office was unlocked and searched but the snake was not there, the officials were also joined by a snake charmer in their search operation but for searching for all the possible hide-out spots, the operation finally got terminated at 1 pm," told Deepak Kumar, president of the RWA.

Sanjay Singh, section officer of the forest department, who supervised the search operation said that for more than three hours his team searched for the snake in every nook and cranny of the society but to no avail. "Every pipe, plant and corner was searched but we could not trace the snake. 

Singh also said that for the psychological satisfaction of the residents, he also called snake charmer, but even after blowing 'pungi' (the musical instrument the charmers carry), the snake did not come out. 

Meanwhile, Kumar based on CCTV footage claimed that the snake is still inside the society. "The footage shows the snake entering the office, but not his exit. We checked footages of all cameras but could not locate the snake after it entered the office," said Kumar.


Singh as per the video footage claimed that the snake was 3-4 feet long and black. He also claimed that the snake is not cobra after observing its movement in the CCTV footage. "However, it's unsure whether it's venomous or not," Singh added.

Venomous snakes are species of the snake family which can produce venom or poison.

While the exercise went futile, Singh has given directions to the guards as well as RWA about what to do when they spot the snake next time. "I have advised them to throw clothes, blankets upon the snake and block his path to surround him first. Also, inform us in the meantime, so that the snake could be caught without any delay," he said.

Singh also said that he has asked the residents to flush water in kitchen pipes as well, "so that if the snake is hidden in the pipes, it would be forced to come out," he said.

Besides, Singh has also asked the residents to keep precaution until the snake is not located. "I have asked them to keep their children away from corners, pipes and dense bushes in the park," he cautioned.