To reduce usage of polybags, Noida comes out with 'Say No to Plastic' initiative

Posted: Aug 15, 2019

Communicating about the adverse impact of plastic on environment, Noida Development authority on Wednesday kick started an initiative 'Say No to plastic' to make the city plastic free zone.

On the occasion, Ritu Maheshwari, chief executive officer of the authority distributed cloth bags to the residents and also visited office of the authority for public hearing.

She said, “The main purpose of coming out with this initiative is to educate people and encourage them for switching to cloth bags and do away with plastic bags completely while buying groceries items and vegetable from markets." "The move will surely help in reducing plastic waste,” she added.

Poly bags have became part and parcel of our lives. People don’t carry bags while going out for buying groceries and vegetables and end up carrying items in poly bags despite knowing its detrimental effects on environment.

Plastic is non biodegradable and takes thousands of years to decompose in the soil causing land pollution. Plastics thrown in garbage and oceans are being consumed by animals and fishes which chokes them to death

To make people aware about the negative effects of plastic on environment, the authority launched an awareness drive as well to encourage them to use environmental friendly alternatives for making the city free from plastic. This will help in reducing plastic waste being generated from across the sectors in city.

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