RESIDENT SPEAK: GreNo West residents fearful of increasing crime rates
RESIDENT SPEAK: GreNo West residents fearful of increasing crime rates
Manish Kumar
RESIDENT SPEAK: GreNo West residents fearful of increasing crime rates
Photo: CitySpidey

RESIDENT SPEAK: GreNo West residents fearful of increasing crime rates

The Greater Noida West region has witnessed tremendous growth in the past three-and-half years, in terms of the rising population in high-rises and the facilities provided to them. But there is still a wide gap in the development area that is left unchecked by both, the authorities as well as the developers. 

Among all issues, security stands on top of the chart. The rising cases of robbery, chain-snatching in broad day-light have made the residents worried and fearful about the degrading law and order situation in the area. Records of registered FIRs show that such street crimes did not increase in one-night, it is a process of months during which the burglars have been openly operating their businesses. As per the local police (Under Bishrakh police station) data, as many as 54 cases of robberies or theft were registered from mid-July to mid-August, in the Greater Noida West region. The numbers are likely to rise in the coming months as presently, at least two crimes are taking place in a day. It is because of the police's lethargic approach towards the criminals, such crimes have continuously been taking place and in no-time, it is going to stop.

Not only the women but men are also afraid of stepping out during odd hours. People have stopped wearing gold or precious metal ornaments as they fear of getting robbed. It hurts to see that the police is not taking any strengthen action against these criminals, as most of the cases end up at filing a complain. 

What initiatives have been taken by the local police to ensure the safety of the children, women and senior citizens?

The situation became worse during the assembly elections, as the majority of the force was deployed to other locations. When people questioned Bisarakh Police station about this, they were told that they had inadequate policemen and the situation will improve after the elections. Instead, it remained the same. 

Residents had first raised their concern on poor law and order and rising crime rate in May 2019 with the chief minister and other top officials. But no actions were taken, and today the criminals roam around openly engaging in more crimes per day. 

The facts and data were forwarded to DM-GBN, SSP, SP-Rural and CO3rd Greater Noida, over which SP-Rural assured to look into it and take all corrective measures to control the situation.

Greater Noida West, spread in three segments- Gaur City town is the most populated residential town, Sector 1 and sector 16 seems to have become the target zone for the street criminals. On the behalf of all Greater Nodia West residents, I request top officials of the district to make the area livable for the masses.

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