Gurugram: Non-functional STP irate BPTP Park Serene residents
Gurugram: Non-functional STP irate BPTP Park Serene residents
Akanksha Gupta
Gurugram: Non-functional STP irate BPTP Park Serene residents
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Gurugram: Non-functional STP irate BPTP Park Serene residents

The residents of BPTP Park Serene, a residential society in sector 37 D are having a harrowing time due to the callous attitude of the builder. They alleged that the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) in their society is not functioning properly. They further claimed that the builder's maintenance department was mixing the STP water with the storm drain water and flushing out in the green belt area.  

According to the residents, the builder has installed the STP plant with a capacity of 500 KLD at the basement of B tower, however, the residents argue that it only meets the half of the requirement of the society. They alleged that the maintenance agency is not fully equipped to constantly monitor the parameters for the STP operation.

Sameer Chaddha, a resident said, "The builder has failed in following the environment ministry's norms. Since the beginning, the existing plant has not been working efficiently and the staff is not skilled to run the plant. Also, they don't have any measuring instruments to check the different parameters of STP treated water." He further added, "They even did not conduct any sort of test from an independent agency."

Residents had perviously filed several complaints to Central Pollution Control Board, Haryana State Pollution Control Board, and Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority.

Residents said that the builder is not only spoiling the green belt area but also posing a grave threat to the residents. Another resident, Hemant Kumar said, "This has created a huge pool of dirty water and a mosquito breeding ground. Every year there is an outbreak of Dengue in the society which poses a serious risk on residents’ health. We have informed the builder many times but they are not paying any heed to our problems."    

In May, the Haryana State Pollution Control Board (HSPCB) had issued a show-cause notice under section 33A. The authority found that the STP was not functioning properly and a penalty was imposed on the builder.

"As per the rules, while obtaining the Occupancy Certificate or OC, the builder must have proper arrangements for--disposal of sewage water, special drains for rainwater and arrangements for water harvesting. However, none were followed by the builder, which is clearly in violation of environmental norms," Kumar added.

Meanwhile, the maintenance services of BPTP denied all the claims made by the residents. Shantanu Rudra, Head of BPTP maintenance services said, "The STP is fully functional and we are complying with the rules. Some STP water is being used for horticulture purposes and the remaining is being used on another constructional site."      

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