Amrapali Zodiac residents are true 'Khatron Ke Khiladi'
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Amrapali Zodiac residents are true 'Khatron Ke Khiladi'

Residents at the four towers, A, B, Q, and R, are putting efforts to make the place liveable. 

Amrapali Zodiac residents are true 'Khatron Ke Khiladi'

Hanging high tension wires, borrowed water, no fire fighting equipment’s and semi-constructed apartments have become the sad reality for the 40 residents of four unfinished towers in Amrapali Zodiac situated in sector 120 of Noida.

The only current relief that the residents of these four towers A, B, Q, and R have is that the residential complex falls under category A and as per the Supreme Court's order, an appointed court receiver will verify their documents to begin the process of the registry.  
While there are 29 occupants in tower A and 11 in tower B, these families are living with bare minimum facilities per say running water and electricity, the unfinished tower Q and R have no occupancy.

Balwant Singh, a resident of tower A said, “The water supply we get is borrowed from tower C, since our tower has no water connection, so the water is transferred from tower C’s tank to ours."

He further added that the tower A was suppose to have two lifts, but there is only one lift which also does not work properly. Whereas, tower B has no lift at all.  

“There have been times when residents of Tower A would use lifts of the adjacent tower and reach to the roof and then jump back to their tower (Tower A) to reach their respective floors," Singh added. With this technique, residents living on higher floors of Tower A are avoiding climbing staircase.

He narrated that once when his mother was not well, they had to make a maintenance guy climb up the lift and take it down just the way it is done while testing.

Caption: (left) Condition of in Tower A; (middle) condition of common area; (right) lift area

Amrapali Zodiac has 22 towers and a majority of its towers are equipped with basic amenities and the residents in those towers are aiming to have a lavish life with facilities like a swimming pool, and community centre. Meanwhile, THE residents at the four towers are putting efforts to make the place liveable. 

 “We cannot let our children play outside because our floor has open live wiring, there is a big hole right next to the lift while the structure for the second lift is also open and anybody can fall from there, Shravan, another resident of Tower A said.

He added, their lift was not operative for three consecutive months because the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of the lift had expired in February and the concerned association did not renew it for long.

Caption: (left) new electric connection in Tower B; (right) garbage lying openly in common area

Several incidents of fire have also been reported in the two towers in a span of a week.

“We are living in the fear of death. None of us will survive if a major fire breaks out as there are no firefighting instruments in our building, and live wires are lying open," a resident of Tower B said. 

Shravan Kumar said, “There are 560 incomplete flats in the society out of which 386 flat buyers are either living in the society on rent or like us in unfinished buildings."

Rajendra Bora, a homebuyer who has his apartment in Tower Q said, "The buyers of the four incomplete towers had pooled in money to construct the bare minimum structure, everything was going well but when last year a petition against Amrapali was moved in Supreme Court, we had to stop the work".

Caption: (left) condition of basement; (right) an empty, uncovered space in the building

According to the homebuyers they had invested over a crore in Tower Q and around Rs 70 lakhs in Tower R. 

On Monday, the Supreme Court has instructed the homebuyers to deposit Rs 2,600 crore to re-start the halted Amrapali projects.