Amrapali homebuyers write to CEO Noida Auth, demand re-verification of flat size

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Posted: Aug 28, 2019

Homebuyers of Amrapali group housing projects in Noida on Wednesday wrote a letter to Ritu Maheshwari, CEO of Noida Industrial Development Authority, demanding her to direct the concerned officer for cross-verification of their flat sizes in their respective societies. 

The demand came at a time when the officers from the authority are preparing content for the execution of their property registration. 

The court receiver, appointed by the Supreme Court is carrying out the verification of their purchase and possession documents. Once the process end, the registry will be executed.  

Joginder Singh, a homebuyer in Amrapali Zodiac, a semi-completed group housing project in Noida's Sector 120, claimed that the apartment area used by the Officer on Special Duty (OSD) Group Housing (GH) in the sublease deed, is a builder declared unverified area, which is fundamentally wrong. This area has to be and must be certified by the Chief Architect and Planning (CAP), the Town Planning Cell, which approved the map of the buildings.

Singh complained that the developer allegedly declared the super area, on which levy for property's registry is charged by the revenue department. But if that actual area does not exist in the society, each homebuyer will have to bear the cost of that inflated (extra) area, which was wrongly declared by the developer. This levy may range from Rs 40 to 75 thousand per flat.

Homebuyers of different housing projects have urged the top boss of Noida Authority to direct CAP to certify the super area, which comprises built-up area and common areas like the terrace, lobby, staircase, etc. It is because the area declared by the developer is only the concept of apartment areas, which is yet to be verified by the approving authority. 

They said that CAP has to and must issue a certificate of an approved FAR area of each type of flat and also the percentage of undividable common area attributable to the apartment area for the purpose of calculating the rate of stamp duty, a legal paper on which registry is executed. 

With the enforcement of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) act 2016, the carpet area has to be calculated based on a standard formula.

This way, a developer cannot provide the inflated carpet areas to increase the prices. Carpet area is the total area of the floor that can be used within the walls of the apartments. This does not include areas like an open terrace, shafts, and balconies, etc. 

In the registry, the total area is mentioned under the head of the super area and another column, built-up or carpet area and the common area are also mentioned. This shows that a homebuyer is the owner of that particular flat size and he or she is given a share in the common area as well.

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