Beware Ghaziabad! Child kidnapping rumours viral again
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Beware Ghaziabad! Child kidnapping rumours viral again

Ghaziabad Police advises the residents to verify videos and messages with local police before forwarding such messages. 

Beware Ghaziabad! Child kidnapping rumours viral again Representational Image

In various advisories issued across Western UP, the police are advising people to refrain from forwarding fake child lifting gang messages without verifying the facts.

Ghaziabad Police has issued an advisory informing people not to believe in such viral videos and messages regarding child lifting gangs.

"Some messages are circulating on social media platforms regarding the kidnapping of kids or movement of Bachcha Chori Gangs. I would categorically state that these are rumours, people should not believe them. The residents must verify information received with their local police before forwarding such messages," said Shlok Kumar, SP (city), Ghaziabad.

Latest in a series of attacks based on false rumours, an elderly woman strolling with her grandson was attacked by a group of people on Tuesday over suspicion of kidnapping a child in Ghaziabad.

The police is on their toes after the rumours of child kidnapping in several parts of western Uttar Pradesh spread like wildfire on social media.

Fake messages of child kidnapping gangs operational in the area are being circulated in various social media groups in societies across Ghaziabad. 

The hashtag #UPAgainstFakeNews is also being used by official police Twitter handles to provide information about fake news.

The following steps are being taken by district Ghaziabad to eliminate rumours of child kidnapping.

1. People spreading rumours of child kidnapping are being identified and legal actions are being taken against them by the district authorities.

2. Advisory is being circulated on social media and Whatsapp to counter fake news of child kidnapping.

3. Police teams in villages are educating people regarding false news of child kidnapping.

4. Meetings are being held with Gram Pradhans and watchmen to instruct them about any such rumours. 

5. Authorities are keeping a close eye on social media to stop the circulation of fake videos of child kidnapping on social media.