Dwarka: Metro View Apartment to stage protest over mismanaged Dhalao at Sec 13

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Sep 05, 2019

Residents Welfare Association (RWA) of Metro View Apartment Sector 13, Dwarka, is planning to stage a protest against mismanagement of a Dhalao (three-walled dump yard) located in front of their residential society. 

The RWA alleged that the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has failed to maintain the Dhalao. In this regard, the RWA has written a letter to the SDMC officials as well as to the area Councillor and has asked them to take an action by September 7. 

President of RWA, Vinod Rawat said, "We have given them (SDMC) time till September 7, if they do not act in the given period and manage the Dhalao, we will stage a protest at the same dump yard on September 8."

Rawat further said that without a complaint or a request from residents' end, the authority never cleans the Dhalao. He also raised his concern over the waste of other sectors being dumped at the dump yard, which results in the overflow of waste material. "SDMC trucks come and dump waste of other nearby sectors at this Dhalao," alleged Rawat adding, "We want this Dhalao to be used by Sector 13 residents only. That is the only solution."

As per the RWA, the dhalao needs a regular clearance. "The waste being dumped at the Dhalao is huge, as it is also used by residents of other nearby sectors. Therefore, one can see mounts of waste reaching the road. SDMC should take the matter seriously," said Joint Secretary of RWA, Jitendra Dogra.

Previously, the RWA raised the issue with the management via WhatsApp groups, where they had shared pictures and videos of the Dhalao. 

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