GreNo: Maintenance services resume in Gaur City 12th Avenue after DM's order
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GreNo: Maintenance services resume in Gaur City 12th Avenue after DM's order

Earlier, the developer had removed maintenance and security services.

GreNo: Maintenance services resume in Gaur City 12th Avenue after DM's order

Greater Noida's Gaur City-2 12th Avenue Apartment Owners Association (AOA) on Wednesday approached the District Magistrate (DM) Gautam Buddh Nagar, BN Singh and Member of Parliament Mahesh Sharma, regarding the removal of society's maintenance, security and their forceful handover by the developer.

Earlier this week, the AOA alleged that the developer had forcefully handed over the incomplete society to them, which does not even have a completion certificate (CC). They further alleged that the developer has not given them any approved documents from Greater Noida Authority, nor has provided any clearance or No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the firefighting department, pollution control board, and groundwater usage body. 

Bavita Jha, Vice President of the AOA, told CitySpidey that a complaint was submitted to the DM addressing the issues based on which he called the developer and asked him to resume the services and gave September 15 as the deadline for the handing over the documents to the AOA. The AOA is required to do verification in between. 

"We have also requested that the meeting scheduled with the developer on September 7 should either take place in our society or Noida authority office to which the DM agreed and instructed the same to the developer over the phone call", she said.

Bavita added, "In spite of this, the developer wants to conduct the meeting in Bisrakh police station and is yet to give us the documents to initiate the process of handover though an email has been sent across from him to the residents that the handover will be given in the next seven days.”

The AOA as of now is planning to again write a letter to the DM seeking his intervention in order to get hold of the required documents like society's master plan, parking allocation plan, approved horticulture certificate and others.

On Wednesday evening, the members of AOA also met MP Mahesh Sharma and sought his support. "He was cordial and assured to help us and be present during the meeting scheduled with the builder on September 7,” Bavita added.

Informing our reporter, the residents said that the services were resumed by the developer after the call from DM's office on Wednesday.