Migsun Greens Mansion approach authority following digging of railway track
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Migsun Greens Mansion approach authority following digging of railway track

The residents of the Greater Noida based society claim that they have been cheated by the developer.

Migsun Greens Mansion approach authority following digging of railway track

Over 400 homebuyers of Migsun Greens Mansion in Greater Noida’s HRA 14 Site C, live in fear after the digging work for a railway track under the western freight corridor started, adjoining the boundary wall of the residential compound.

Talking to our reporter, the residents claimed that they came to know about the proposed railway track after the digging was noticed by the residents of Tower C few months ago. Tower C is the nearest tower to the back side of the boundary wall.

The residents also alleged that the western freight corridor was passed in 2006. They claim that they have been cheated by the developer who they allege knew about the upcoming track.

According to the residents, as per the site plan, the residential society was to have roads on all the three-sides which was proposed as a walking track by the builder, but the roads gradually disappeared over the time.

They said that the road shown in the site map behind their backside boundary wall is where the railway track is coming up which they fear will weaken the already weak internal structure of the residential complex.

The Migsun Greens Mansion has three towers with 560 flats and an occupancy of 400 owners. The booking was started in 2013 and the handover was due for 2015 but the possession was given in 2016.

The most crucial problem according to the residents is that though the nearest tower is 12 feet away from the back side boundary wall but the basement and open parking touch the end point.

A resident said, “We already have so many problems in the society but now this is something we can’t keep quiet with. Every tower has 20 to 21 floors each, if the base structure is weakened there is high probability that the buildings will collapse.”

The residents of the society have been facing several others issues, for instance three years after taking the possession, the developer has no occupancy certificate (OC) or completion certificate (CC) because of which no process for registry has been initiated.

“In 2016, we were forcefully asked to take possession or else the developer was levying high penalty on us,” a resident told our reporter.

He added, “During the possession we were not even allotted or given any parking papers. In fact the parking issue was resolved recently after initiative was taken by the homebuyers.”
Another resident added that almost 70 percent of the residents during possession paid a penalty ranging between a lakh to two.

The residents pay a hefty maintenance charge of Rs 1.25 per square foot plus GST but no services have been provided by the management for that cost.

A resident said, “The lift malfunctioning has become a common affair for us, every other day we have someone or the other who gets stuck in the lift.”

He further added that Tower A was suppose to have three lifts because of high occupancy but only two have been installed, out of which only one is reliable while the other often breakdowns.

According to the residents, there are only two diesel generator sets while the requirement is for three.

“The requirement is for 1500 kv of electricity while we are not even supplied with 750 kv,” a resident alleged.

“We have several times in written requested the developer to install the third generator but have got no response from him,” another resident said.

Talking about the problem of water-logging, the residents showed our reporter the basement and first floor where evident seepage was seen through the pillar and corners because of the terrace garden and swimming pool.

“The water drips from these seepage's throughout the year whether there is rain or no rain”, a resident added.

Another major concern the residents have is regarding the frequent changes in the security in the society. “Every month there is new face who is clueless about his work,” a resident said.

As per the residents, a letter addressing all the above mentioned issues have been given to the developer and at several occasions there have been site visits but none of the problems were ever solved and with the new issue of laying of railway tracks, they have no one to approach but the authorities.

Notably, the digging for the track has taken place two feet away from the boundary wall of the society.

Our reporter tried to get in touch with Manoj Kumar Dhama, the project manager of concerned railway track who informed that the proposed project was passed a decade ago.

Dhama said, "Though the digging has taken place near the boundary wall but the tracks will be laid atleast at a distance of 18 to 20 feet from the wall of the society plus there will be an RC wall which will restrict the jerks to our project area.”

He further added that there will be no damage from our end but this also depends on the structural strength of the building constructed by the developer.

"We have also informed the same to the residents of the society when they had raised their concern,” he said.