Rains flood Greater Noida roads
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Rains flood Greater Noida roads

Heavy rain showers brought a tough time for residents living in high-rise buildings in Greater Noida.

Rains flood Greater Noida roads

The morning rain brought happiness and a pleasant moments for Greater Noida. Rain provided relief to them from the scorching heat they have been tolerating for the past few days. However, seems like their happiness was short lived as they had to face the repercussion of rain.

Heavy rain showers brought a tough time for residents living in high-rise buildings in Greater Noida. Basements of many buildings were filled with water. People including children, men and women faced difficulties going to their schools and offices. As the basements of many highrise buildings are used as parking slots, therefore residents struggled in getting to their cars. Not only the basements, but the roads and service lanes too were flooded with rain water making difficult for them to drive. Residents shared photographs and videos blaming society developers and Greater Noida authority for poor planning of roads and buildings.

Among those most affected societies were Supertech Eco-Village 1 and 2, Himalaya Pride, Arihant Arden, Gaur City1 and 2, Panchsheel 1 and 2, Trident Embassy and few more. The service road in front of Himalaya Pride was flooded.

Mihir Kumar, a resident of Supertech Eco-village 2 said, “Even light rains create a flood like situation on service roads because almost all the service roads are at a lower level. Height of main roads and parallel service lanes should be at the same level. Since service lanes are at a lower level, therefore when it rains the water from main roads gets collected at service lanes.”

The flats of residents too were filled with water. Residents said that Gaur City’s 5th Avenue was the most affected as water reached people's flats. Pradeep Kamboj, a resident of GC 5th Avenue said, “Water reached many flats which gave a hard time to residents. Lifts, corridors, galleries, parks, basements etc. were full of water.” Due to poor construction material, water entered the balcony of one of the flat.

Residents also said that improper drainage system in basement areas of many societies leads to waterlogging.