Raj Nagar Extension: New cracks in the 'Castle'

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Sep 07, 2019

Owing to the long-standing issue of seepage and waterlogging in the basements of Charms Castle, a high-rise in Raj Nagar Extension, cracks have started to appear in the walls of the basement, residents of the high-rise alleged.

For a while now, residents have been complaining about the shabby maintenance of their building's basement area. Weeks ago, the lower basement (basement-2) was partially submerged in rainwater after a few minutes of heavy rain. In the latest development of the situation, residents claimed that few new cracks have been spotted in the same section of the society.

With the new cracks appearing over the walls, residents are afraid that it may lead to some major structural damage. "It can lead to a collapse," feared Bhuri Singh, a resident of the society said.

The residents also alleged that they have raised the matter several times with the maintenance agency and the developer but no action was taken yet.

"The maintenance management and the developer play deaf to our issues," alleged Deepak Bhardwaj, another resident of the society.

Meanwhile, the officials at the developing agency refuted the allegations made by the residents. Vinay Shishodia, AGM, Charms India Pvt Ltd said that the cracks what the residents are alleging are on the plaster, not in the walls. "The basement walls are made up of RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete). You can't even hammer a nail there, forget cracks," Shishodia commented.

Shishodia also added that the issue is related to maintenance and he will direct the maintenance management of the society to look into the matter.

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