Gurugram residents raise concern over open dumping and burning of garbage
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Gurugram residents raise concern over open dumping and burning of garbage

The residents informed CitySpidey that the situation is gave in both Old Gurugram and the newly developed sectors. 

Gurugram residents raise concern over open dumping and burning of garbage

Concerned over the rampant open garbage dumping and burning in several parts of the city, the members of Gurugram's  Citizens for Clean Air, a citizen collective group recently wrote to Mayor Madhu Azad highlighting the plight of solid waste management in the city and seeking her intervention.

The also requested the Councillors to take immediate steps to prevent any kind of outbreak of diseases in the city. 

The residents informed CitySpidey that the situation is grave in both Old Gurugram and the newly developed sectors. 

Ruchika Sethi, founder of Citizens for Clean Air said, "The city is suffering  due to lack of a proper solid waste collection, segregation and disposal management system despite the fact that there are existing GOI Rules for Solid Waste, C&D waste, E Waste etc. The agency Ecogreen hired by MCG has failed to manage the city’s waste properly as well Bhandwari Landfill site."

According to the members of Citizens for Clean Air, open garbage dumping and burning are taking place on a regular basis in various sectors, close to residential areas which is a matter of serious public health concern. It is happening essentially due to unchecked collection and dumping of mixed waste by unorganised garbage collectors.

"As a group of concerned citizens we have been reporting to MCG, State Pollution Control Board, GMDA about the problems of mixed waste collection, its dumping at several empty plots and regular burning of garbage near to the residential areas spread across different sectors of the city. These have serious consequences on citizens’ health, particularly for children, elderly, pregnant women causing asthma, lung infection, defect in new-born etc," said Sethi.

The residents have sought an appointment with the Mayor to handover a representation on the matter. They are also reaching out to their local Councillors and raising the matter with them.

Parimal Bardhan, a resident of DLF Phase-1  said, "I have given the representation to our local Councillor RS Rathee expressing our concern over the pathetic condition of garbage management in the city. We will also be reaching out to other Councillors as well as. The MCG has adopted shortsighted approach to deal with garbage woes in the city."

The members of the Citizen for Clear Air also pointed it out that MCG needs to frames the by-laws in accordance with the Sewage Waste Management Rules 2016, to enforce compliance by the residents, RWAs, bulk waste generators, private agencies and the civic authorities so that different types of waste is handled, managed and disposed properly.

They have demanded that the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) should adopt zero tolerance policy on open dumping, garbage burning, mixed waste collection and its disposal. And, have also suggested a complete ban on usage of single-use plastic bags and non woven bags and to only let non-compostable and non-recyclable waste to reach landfills.

They also demanded that the information of all waste collectors, listing of local scrap dealers for synergy, designating areas for setting up Material Recovery Facility at each ward and designating area for C&D dumping in each sector especially for residential and retail waste generators.

"We are not demanding something which is impossible to implement on ground level. The civic authority needs to adopt integrated policy for waste management which involves all the stakeholders otherwise, the city's civic condition will get more worsen," said Sethi.