Deathly silence descends on Indraprastha society
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Deathly silence descends on Indraprastha society

All in shock over the news of teenage boy leaping to death after stabbing a woman.

Deathly silence descends on Indraprastha society

The news of a 15-year-old boy leaping to death from the eighth floor of Indraprastha society in Noida's sector 61 after attacking a woman with a knife sent shock waves in the area. The general reaction to the incident from the residents of the society and in the neighbourhood was one of shock and dismay. 
The incident took place on Thursday evening when the boy who lived on the 6th floor of the tower went to a flat on the eighth floor and picked up an argument with the flat owner's daughter who was alone at home at the time and stabbed her with a knife. After stabbing the 21-year-old woman, the boy jumped from the balcony of the flat and died on the spot while the woman was rushed to a hospital and is said to be critical.

A female resident said, on the condition of on anonymity, "We were all preparing for Karwa Chauth puja in the common area when the boy fell on the ground with a thud. Everyone was so taken aback by the incident that none came out of their house ever since."

Another resident said, "I know both the families. The children were very obedient, we are not able to understand what led to such an eventuality."

It's 24 hours since the incident occurred, the residents are still locked inside their houses. Such is the shock among the residents that no one wants to talk about it except calling it "unfortunate." A studied silence is prevailing over the residential complex. 

The guards on duty described the boy as an outgoing, soft-spoken person and who was usually seen playing in the premises in the evening hours.

Dr Usha Mehta, a psychologist who CitySpidey spoke to,  said the higher crime rate among teenagers from well-to-do families is the result of parental negligence. Parents, she suggested should give quality time to their wards. 

Meanwhile, in the preliminary investigation, police found that the families of the injured and deceased were family friends. According to the neighbours, after the boy jumped from the balcony, the woman also came running from her flat with blood all over her and fainted. She was then taken to the hospital.

An official, choosing to be anonymous, told CitySpidey that police suspects a love-angle in the incident, one-sided or not can only be disclosed when the woman gives her statement. However, notably, nobody from both the families has lodged any complaint with the police regarding the matter.