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Amrapali Village AOA rolls up its sleeves to solve the society's parking problem

Posted: Feb 27, 2017     By Abid Hussain Barlaskar

The AOA of Amrapali Village in Indirapuram has rolled up its sleeves to solve the society's parking problems. The issues stem from the builder not providing parking details to the AOA during the society handover.

During a recent verification drive, AOA members found 34 unidentified vehicles parked inside the society. What's surprising is that the vehicles, which turned out to belong to outsiders, bore old parking stickers that the builder used to issue.

While some vehicles were removed by talking to the owners, some were towed away with the help of police. On the other hand, some outsiders got into a scuffle with the security guards on being stopped from entering the society.

Rakesh Kumar, general secretary of Amrapali Village AOA, said the AOA members had issued a notice requesting residents to furnish documents such as registration certificates of their vehicles for cross-checking.

Kumar maintained that the problem wasn't simple. "There are several hurdles in solving the problem," said Kumar. "Some residents have refused to provide the details of their vehicles, while some are demanding as many as five parking stickers. We are providing parking stickers on the basis of documents received from residents and our aim is to ensure that every flat owner has a parking spot of their own."

He further said that the AOA had asked residents to provide any document or agreement with the builder that allotted them a particular parking space. He said they were not going to make any changes in the current way the vehicles were parked in the society but were trying to ensure that unknown vehicles were not parked inside, which, he added, could lead to a security breach.

"We have consulted members of other AOAs in Indirapuram to gain a better understanding of the problem, which will enable us to arrive at an appropriate solution," added Kumar.

After taking charge of the society from the builder, the AOA has been trying to resolve all society-related issues one problem at a time. The earlier drives addressed problems with security, maintenance agencies and sewer lines. The next initiative is setting up a gym in the society.

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